Letter to AJ
My Love
my thoughts of you

.April 24 2010.

How do I begin? I asked myself days ago

To put down into words all that I feel So that there is no doubt

No question where and whom my heart belongs..

I knew from the very start That you were special and quite different from all the men I've ever met

It was in a chat room, the name I can't remember..

But I entered seeing " sn00p" for the first time.

I had never seen you in chat before, just in epaints.

I thought you were a name changer with incredible timing for signing into epaints just in time to get the freebies

I called you sn00p.a.doop.. my name illuzzionz

You of course pegged me right away and sent me an IM saying " Your data"

I couldn't believe it..but my heart sank wishing I didn't just lie and say I wasn't.

..we spoke long enough for me to give you my msn

I woke up with a message and a link to a page for " Good Morning Beautiful" I recieved another message, my first of thousands I would recieve

asking me to meet you again.. and that was the begining..

our first song request.." Ballin' Out Of Control by Jermaine Dupri feat Nate Dogg" the second " Next to You" Buckcherry

and there have been many more songs we've shared since then

some of my favorites are " You Belong to Me" by Jason Wade... "Never is a Moment" by Jimmy Lafave, "Addicted" by Enrique Iglesis..

"I'd Love to be your last" by Clay Walker, "Feel" by Robbie Williams "Your my best Friend" by Tim McGraw.. So many I can't even list them all...

I love that your wild yet in control and calm at the sametime.. You have incredible manners..

I love to hear your laugh. I never get sick of it

I've been honored to cry with you.

I love that you speak the truth no matter who it hurts

I love that I've been priveledged to know the secret, you are the sweetest most romantic man in all the land!

I love how you go to such great lenghts to make sure we have time together

I love that you can be selfish, yet you always communicate to me that I am still very important

I love when I am crazed about life you have a way of calming my nerves such as the time when I was afraid what would happen if Jim lost his job You just simply said " I'll help you, just tell me what you need and I'll get it"

You have never left me behind.. or excluded me You have never judged me and often speak very highly of me

I have the most beautiful jewelry.. all gifts from you..

I have hours on end of memories and laughter between us

The last 3 years have been incredible..

For our future..

I want you to take me to a Liverpool football game so I can feel the jubilation of the song " You'll Never Walk Alone"

I want you to hug me, with your strenght and just hold it

I want to kisses that go on forever

I want to dance with you and after pass you my purse while I dance some more

I want to go on holiday with you.. you owe me one..-wink-

I'd love for you to shop with me and pick out my clothes you have amazing taste in fashion..

I want it all and I want it with you..

I love you and I promise to always try to prove it to you..

....To Make You Feel My Love

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